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Certified Mortgage Advisor

Derick Hungerford has more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He has built an excellent reputation providing financial expertise for his clients and the community at large. He is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS), which is a title held by only 5% of the mortgage professional population. As an accomplished corporate and financial strategist, his vision and expertise in mortgages has contributed to the increase of home ownership in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Derick is an industry transformer who has created a unique system for managing home equity, called the Mortgage Empowerment Process.TM This process helps the client realize that a mortgage is a tool that can be used to ultimately achieve their short and long term financial goals. Derick has a unique ability to help people grow fiscally, by introducing financial principles to empower them to make clear profitable choices for the future.

Derick is an industry educator and an instructor at RMC University and is the Chief Editor and Publisher of “the Strategic Homeowner”, a monthly magazine geared to helping homeowners manage their mortgage and home equity properly. He has recently authored and published a book called “A Mind to Build” which is a guide for homebuyers to successfully navigate through the mortgage maze process. Derick was a host of the “The RMC Home and Wealth Show” on Heaven 1580 am. that aired for 7 years. He is currently a certified teacher at several of the Washington DC Metropolitan area Non-Profit Housing Agencies.

He is a licensed Mortgage Consultant, Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA), Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist ™, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Certified Housing Counselor, and a Licensed Insurance Agent. He holds memberships in the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, Prince Georges County Association of Realtors, National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, Maryland Association of Mortgage Bankers, National Association of Realtors and Certified Residential Mortgage Advisors (CRMA). Derick has a BS in Business Management from Hampton University. Derick is a member of From the Heart Church Ministries (under the pastoral leadership of John A. Cherry II) where he serves the Financial Stewardship Ministry where he helps members with budgeting, savings/investing and protecting assets.

A Mind To Build

Throughout A Mind to Build contain real-life examples gleaned from Hungerford’s own professional experience,

A mind To Build By Derick Hungerford

as well as inspirational messages from well-known figures and valuable perspective drawn from scripture and religious leaders.

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Certified Mortgage Advisor

This new guide will equip first-time homebuyers with the tools and information they need,

derick hungerford certified mortgage advisor

arming them and equally empowering those already familiar with the real estate market with practical tips, professional insight, and words of encouragement.

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Our clients Say

Bro. Hungerford,
I tried to call you but I want to personally thank you for all of your help on my behalf. After signing all the paperwork on Friday, I felt such a deep sense of thankfulness and gratitude that I cannot truly express it with words. This would not have been possible without your effort. I am extremely grateful.
It is good that we, the Body of Christ, can come together and exhibit excellence. God was truly glorified.
To God be the glory,
Bro. Douglas

Carlton Douglas

Dear Mr. Hungerford,
I would like to extend my gratitude for the services that were provided by Residential Mortgage Corporation. Being new to the Home Buying process, at first I felt nervous and intimidated by embarking on this life changing experience and new information that I was receiving from various sources like family, friends, and professionals in the Real Estate Industry. I was also with two other Mortgage Companies and my experience I wish to forget because I was misinformed and uneducated on so many things. Mr. Hungerford was able to “clear” the air by giving me sound information that enabled me to view the pros and cons of the Home Buying process. With this sound foundation of knowledge, I was able to make concise decision on the home that I selected and the right loan and program to fit my specific needs. Mr. Hungerford and his staff were at my access through this intense process. Even as things changed, Mr. Hungerford and his staff explained in detail what was happening and the next step in the process which eased my mind. As a first-time home buyer, I will never forget the day of Closing and receiving the keys to my new home and right there to guide me along the way was Mr. Hungerford. I would recommend Residential Mortgage Company to anyone based upon the professional and tailor-made service that I received. I am blessed to have the services of Residential Mortgage Company to represent me. THANK YOU


Nicki Jones

Dear RMC Clients,
I’d like to take this opportunity to commend Mr. Hungerford for his sensitivity and expertise in helping me acquire my first home just recently in Prince George’s county. I was about to renege a contract that I had on a particular home after being disappointed by another mortgage company, but due to his diligence and hard work I am now two and half months in a home that I thoroughly enjoy. I highly recommend Mr. Derick Hungerford to any and all prospective homebuyers. Thank you.
Sincerely, Kenneth A. Wilcots

Kenneth A. Wilcots

Mr. Hungerford you continue to WOW me with your business. Your detail of the client is awesome, your listening skills are awesome, your team is AWESOME. I kindly thank you for the card as it showed a true Christian spirit of love. Love meaning you love what you do and sir that makes all the difference in the world today. I will ever so proudly share the business cards with other friends in the hunt of a home. My experience has been not too stressful but knowing it comes with the territory. As we finalize the deal and move into another journey of our lives, I will always have this GREAT story to tell to others. My first home purchase experience was an AWESOME one.
Again, I thank you for making me feel that I’m your most important client. Everyone has been professional in this journey and that is to be APPLAUDED!!! You and your team sir are ABOVEBOARD and beyond my expectations of what I the home buying purchase was going to be. Until then, continue to be a blessing to others and be sure the thank your team as well.
A lady who made the best investment in reading your book cover to cover with bent pages, highlights, side notes and all!!!
Begin With the End in Mind

May 07, 2016

Ebony Howard

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Mr. Derrick Hungerford and the entire staff at Residential Mortgage Corporation. As a first time home buyer I encountered many people promising me the world and producing nothing. Prior my meeting Mr. Hungerford I had been through two other Lenders. One lender only qualified me for enough money to purchase a shed and the other simply told me they would not work with me. I had honestly lost hope and begin to accept that I would not be able to purchase a home. After my first meeting with Mr. Hungerford and telling him all my fears and doubts, I left that office hopeful that purchasing a home would become a reality for me. Mr. Hungerford and his team walked me step by step through the process and I could always rely on them to provide me with an answer to my question. There were times that I drew frustrated and Mr. Hungerford went above and beyond his job to assure me everything was going to work out.
There are no words that explain my feelings towards the level of professionalism Mr. Hungerford provided me. My phone calls were returned in a timely manner, as well as my e-mails. I went through a down payment assistance program that caused my settlement date to be pushed back what seemed like 100 times, Mr. Hungerford kept me calm and assured me that everything was going work out. To give and example about Mr. Hungerford’s character he even made a personal trip to the office that was handling my file, to seek a resolution to the constant hold up on my settlement. That type of service assured me that God had placed me in the right hands. As I went to closing Mr. Hungerford was right there with me. After closing he continued to reach out to me to again assure me that him and his team was there for me. I will be forever grateful for what Mr. Hungerford did for me. When other companies would not take a chance on me, God lead me to Residential Mortgage Corporation and I Thank him for that every time I walk in my NEW HOME.
As a child of God I know that when God bless me or brings me through a situat”lon it is not just for me, it is for those who he places in my life as well. Without hesitation I would recommend every person I speak to who is interested in purchasing a home to first start with calling Mr. Derrick Hungerford at Residential Mortgage Company. Again I Thank You Mr. Hungerford from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for me during this process.
God Bless,
Tamika Williams
Blessed, Grateful, and Satisfied First time Home Buyer

March 27, 2012

Tamika Williams

A sincere thank you for the excellent customer service and assistance I received with my recent home purchase.
I never could have gotten a loan without RMC great team, your company made the process smooth and stress free for me and my family.
Once again, thank you very much words cannot express the gratitude I have for your organization, and I highly recommend RMC to anyone that is thinking of qualifying for a loan to purchase their dream home.

November 13, 2014

Dave Webster

Dear Mr. Derick Hungerford,
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you and your staff for the excellent job you did in assisting me in purchasing my home. It was truly a blessing being introduce to your company, Residential Mortgage Corporation . I was first introduced to your company by Home Free USA after attending one of their meet the lender classes. After listening to the various lenders, I was impress with your presentation and decided fo use your mortgage company.
The. service you provided to was exceptional, you made it very simple to understand the home buying process and most of all you were able to assist me in getting down payment assistant in the amount of $18,376.79 from the My Home program.
You and your staff kept weekly update on my loan progress. I would like to extend a special thank you to Ms. Pleshette Johnson and Ms. Angelita Martin for their kindness and the help they also provided in making the process less stressful by assisting me with any concerns or concerns that I had.
Residential Mortgage was able to make my home ownership dream a reality and without a doubt I will recommend your service to others.
Thank You, and may God Bless you and your company always!

August 7, 2014

Julia John

It has been a great pleasure working with you and your very
professional and Christ motivated team. My urgency to purchase a home before the end of March 2017 became a reality because you and your team worked diligently to get me a good mortgage loan. In addition, your staff was polite and courteous in walking me thru the process of what documentation I needed to provide to expedite the loan. The team was very helpful to provide
explanations to me regarding the financial criteria and other
details throughout the entire process.
I am now settled in my new home and enjoying it very much. It is with respect and gratitude that I thank you for making this dream come true. I know when God is involve all things are possible.
Your company is an example of what is possible when God is the motivator.
I will always remember what you have done for me and I shall
share it with others who are in need of a good mortgage
Sincerely and God’s Blessing for Continued Success

March 28, 2017

Sharon T. Fletcher

Dear Mr. Hungerford,
This is to express my gratitude and to thank you so very much for all of your help in securing my loan for my new home here in Maryland. You and your staff were highly professional,
knowledgeable, and responsive. Laney Star was outstanding in her weekly and sometimes,
daily, calls to inform me of the status of my loan. She was courteous, informative, organized, thoughtful and positive throughout the process. Jennine Cornell was professional,
knowledgeable, thorough, positive, responsive and stayed on top of the supporting
documentation requested by the underwriter. These interactions made all the difference in my
experience with this process. I placed my trust in all of your hands and you most definitely came through for me. Thank you for your patience as well as treating me well throughout the process, rather than just another home loan customers. You stand above the rest! I would definitely
recommend Residential Mortgage Corporation to my family, friends and associates.

November 26, 2018

Doretha McCallum

Dear Derick and RMC staff,
We wanted to personally thank you and Residential Mortgage Corporation for making our
dream of homeownership possible in such a difficult market environment. Your staff was
professional, courteous, and quick to respond. We sincerely appreciate how quickly you were
able to put together the loan given the short amount of time the seller’s bank gave us to complete the transaction. We know that we had a lot of questions for you as first-time
homebuyers and I can only say thank you for your patience. We are so excited to become home owners.

Chris Markle and Sara Cabrera

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