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Housing Market In 2020: Boom Or Bust?

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2020 will be a challenging year for the housing market. On the one side, there’s a strong US economy that has driven the unemployment rate to record low levels, boosting disposable income, which makes a bullish case. Then, there are low mortgage rates and housing shortages, which add to the bullish sentiment. “We think the housing market

Best Mortgage Refinance of 2020

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If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to lower your monthly expenses, one of the alternatives you may be considering is refinancing your home. Interest rates are low, and reducing your rate on a large loan like a mortgage can result in significant savings. Refinancing your mortgage simply means you’re replacing your current mortgage loan

Refinancing Your Mortgage Loan?

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You can refinance even if your current loan is still fresh With today’s low mortgage rates, you might be thinking it’s time to refinance. Locking in a lower rate can mean huge savings over the life of your loan. But what if you just recently bought the home, or already refinanced once? Is it too soon